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Stacy Robbins

Stacy Robbins


Sew with me!  Join me over on my YouTube channel where I have tutorials on sewing and pattern making. If you have ever wanted to make your own clothes this is the space. I cover plus size to infants, lingerie to coats. commercial patterns to bespoke, plus lots of other fun projects and hauls.  Every Wednesday I post a new video! 

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My Story

Sewing and design have always been a creative outlet for me. I am a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a Major in Fashion Design. I began teaching sewing and pattern making right out of college.  Once becoming a mom I used my training to work from home making wedding dresses, and eventually designing and selling vintage look lingerie. 


I started teaching in the classroom again about 10 years ago.  Teaching teens was particularly rewarding.  They didn't have any bad sewing habits to reverse and the creativity was unlimited. 


A move to a new state ended my teaching for a time, but I missed it.  The pandemic brought me to YouTube. It is something I had considered for years but never jumped in.  If you are looking for a creative space with a diverse community come on over and sew with me!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. (COMING SOON)

Email: coming

Phone: NA 555-555-5555

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